ArmorBoss™ Linear Table Sneeze Guard



  • Allows for safe, face-to-face communication when placed on flat tabletops
  • Limits the transmission of germs between individuals
  • Large pass-through window (20.5″ width x 4.25″ height) makes it easy to safely exchange objects
  • Made from durable, clear acrylic plastic
  • Mobile for flexible use virtually anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

ArmorBoss™ Linear Table Sneeze Guards can benefit virtually any business that holds meetings using tables (especially rectangular meeting tables).

These sneeze guards are ideal in any scenario in which two (or more) individuals would carry on a conversation while sitting across a table from one another. They are ideal for providing a personal barrier on meeting tables, office desks, reception areas, restaurant tables and a wide variety of other flat surfaces.



Clean all surfaces with a non-ammonia based cleaner and a microfiber towel. Do not use glass cleaners or any harmful chemicals as they may damage the surface.

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