ArmorBoss™ Floor Stand Sneeze Guard



  • Allows for safe, face-to-face communication while standing
  • Limits the transmission of germs to parties standing on both sides of sneeze guard
  • Adjustable to heights of 78.5 inches
  • Versatile enough to be used almost anywhere
  • Designed to be easily moved and relocated
  • Sneeze guards are made from durable, clear acrylic plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

ArmorBoss Floor Stand Sneeze Guards should be used by any business or facility that  experiences regular walk-in traffic. They are ideal for restaurants, event/sporting facilities, clinics, manufacturing plants, etc.

ArmorBoss Floor Stand Sneeze Guards are used in virtually any situation that requires face-to-face communication while standing up. They are perfect for safely interacting with customers in lobbies, scanning customer’s tickets at events, giving presentations and even machine guarding during the manufacturing process. 

Clean all surfaces with a non-ammonia based cleaner and a microfiber towel. Do not use glass cleaners or any harmful chemicals as they may damage the surface.

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